Below is the author blurb written for my publishers, or if you have time and are curious I'm writing a more in-depth biography, the first instalments of which are under "Biography" in the menus above.

Alan Robertshaw was born on Merseyside, in the UK, and has lived most of his life in Yorkshire.

He spent his working life as a teacher – not by his own choice but by that of his first employer, The Manchester Grammar School, an establishment which, in the late 1960's, thought it knew better than he what he should spend his life doing. After a very successful undergraduate and post-graduate career as one of the first products of the University of York, the one form of employment to which he felt himself wholly unsuited was that of schoolmaster. But when the unsolicited offer of a teaching post at that famous school coincided with the looming threat of unemployment, he changed his mind and took it.

As an English teacher in Manchester, and subsequently in state comprehensive schools in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, he slowly learned the craft of teaching. That is, of course, the work of a lifetime, and even after ten years as headteacher in a Barnsley comprehensive, he remains more aware of what he ought to have done, than of what he achieved. Now, in retirement, comes the opportunity to reflect on the enrichment to his life that contact with so many generations of young people have brought. In the nature of things, the more senior one's post in a school, the more closely one is brought into contact with the troubled and disadvantaged – and it is to those young people that The Edge of Things owes its origins. Their struggle, often courageous, sometimes tragic, to survive and make sense of the harshness that life subjected them to, was itself an education.

As a writer, Alan has only a handful of published volumes – all written for the late Edward Blishen's Piccolo Adventure Library in the late 1970's. Edward was a kindly and exacting mentor, whose trust in giving an untried writer three titles to write was characteristic of him. That experience served as a never-forgotten apprenticeship.

In his personal life Alan has had the joy of more than forty years love and companionship of his wife, Margaret; and the reward of watching three wonderful children grow into adulthood.