The Boy among the Islands

This is the second book of the adventures of Tam Goatland, The Boy and the Mountain being the first.

Tam comes down the mountainside one day, bringing goat fleeces to the market in Market Town. It should have been an ordinary day, an uneventful trip, and Tam should have gone back to his home on the mountainside at the day's end. But Tam, as ever, is curious about everything - and especially about the black-bearded stranger he sees on the streets.

So he follows him ...

Tam's journey takes him far from his home and from the Mountain. He finds himself out among the islands, islands that have been just stories to him. He finds a new friend - and a dangerous enemy. And he finds old friends, too.

Among the islands Tam experiences all the adventures that the sea can bring, and discovers other worlds and ways of life. The book is written for all those who love adventure, who respond to the magic of the oceans, whose imagination is fired by the desolate beauty of remote islands with their secrets.

The Boy among the Islands

The Boy among the Islands is available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon.