The Edge of Things

Firstborn of “the perfect couple”, Elly's lot should have been a happy one. Surgery and physiotherapy readily removed the outward signs of her disfiguring congenital hare–lip; but inner signs were not so easily set right. Her birth–imperfection broke the code by which her parents' perfect life was lived: not being perfect, she could also not be loved. Elly views life as an outsider, her emotions reserved and hidden from all except her brother Chris, whose laughing life sparkles in sunshine, for whom her love is unconditional, and to whom her life is open.

No advantage attended Eldon's childhood. He lives, as all unwanted children must, emotionally hand–to–mouth. Love is missing from his life. Adrift and alone, he has been equipped by the powers that be with the material necessities of survival — not life. He has employment. He has a bed–sit. That is all.

All, that is, until Elly discovers in Eldon the mainspring of sexual appetite. Her attentions slowly convince him that, though he may not yet be loved, he is at least desired.

So begins the story of two young people, Elly and Eldon, dwelling on the edge of things.

It is a story, certainly, of human desire. It may also be a story of love; for out of the one, the other may perhaps grow.

Slow Furies

The Edge of Things is available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon.

Print editions were also published by Xlibris in 2009 (ISBN 978-1-4415-3083-7) and are still available from various booksellers including Amazon should you prefer.